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The Love Poem Notebook


Welcome to The Love Poem Notebook. We've compiled a variety of love poems from many writers to help with your special occasion. Looking for gift ideas? Browse our tips for anniversary gifts, wedding gifts and giving flowers for some thought provokers.

Selected Messages


My Love on Our Anniversary by Linda
Since the day we met and the sparks in our souls ignited, my love for you has grown, my life's been filled with excitement.

It All Adds Up To Gold by Sandra Bosnyak
It's time to dance the night away, time to celebrate, Fifty years ago today, this was your wedding date, Making vows to love each other through the happy and the sad, To be true to one another through the good times and the bad.

Seasoned Anniversary by Vessie
Anniversaries have come and gone; The years have past so fast; There's times our pasts have been so busy; It's made us feel alone.


A Friendship Tree by Hope
We are like branches, I hope you will agree, In spreading our love, Upon a friendship tree.

Garden of Friendship by Rose Marie Streeter
With nourishment and caring, flowers bloom in spring, from tiny seeds once planted, 'tis such a wondrous thing.


The Kiss by Mary Carpio
The passion was soaring in my veins within, The way I was feeling felt like a sin.

Sending You My Love by Mary Carpio
Sending you my love, with words spoken true, From the depths of my heart, I send them to you.


The Bride by Vicki Rogers
A beaded gown trimmed in lace. A big smile shows upon her face. A long white veil covers her head.

An Angel's Wedding by Christina C. Williams
Vows to take, and prayers to say, On that their blessed wedding day, The dream has been seen, fantasies thought. And the angels dress already bought.

Sister's Wedding Day by Jessica McKinzie
Grown up together, through out our lives. Sharing secrets and telling stories. This day is the day, it's always a memory. Your wedding day, a very special day.

Make a romantic occasion even more special for your loved one with a love message. Whether it's for an anniversary, wedding, engagement, valentine's day or just because, say it with a love message.